Dent - Trinity

Dent's Fourth album took a step away from the largely Ambient feel of the previous release Still Waters. This collection is the culmination of the three previous albums. The first set of tracks, containing "Sonic Energy" is very high energy and melodic. The second set featuring such tracks as "Parallax Error" and "Analog Nexus" is dark and hard, with drum n bass feel and acid basslines. The third set is a return to relaxing, mellow and ambient. Released November 2001.

1. Sonic Energy 6:11
2. Blimp Farm 5:21
3. Err. 6:21
4. Focus 4:13
5. Egg and Monkey 2:16
6. Parallax Error 3:41
7. Analog Nexus 5:01
8. Bleek Future 3:03
9. Shortcut to Monkey 2:32
10. Plastoflex Electric 3:42
11. Contact 4:52

Total playing time 47:13