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Upgrade has arrived.

While the previous Dent release, Revision, was about refining, Upgrade is all about moving forward and evolving while drawing from and embracing the past. Influences include 8 and 16 bit video game music, artists such as Future Sound of London, Aphex Twin, Squarepusher, Infected Mushroom, Radiohead, Tree Wave, styles such as Reggaeton and a splash of classical thrown in.

The album begins with Fantastic Plastic, a mash up incorporating old school NES synths, strings and hightly distorted and compressed drum beats. This is a confident track, making a strong statement when the bass drum drops, hitting hard and driving forward with great urgency. This track is bold and in your face, as if to make it very clear that things are not the same anymore. Cling Film continues the theme with a catchy melody and a frantic pace. Robotic, clangy drums and glitchy synths dominate this track, which was the original spark and direction for this album.

Ice Squirrel sets a different tone with its insistent drum beat and bassline. Wild sounding arcade synths play Eastern melodies and a synthesized Rhodes plays dissonant jazz influenced accompaniments. Narwhal is akin to a focused Dent energy track albiet quite evolved and more mature. This track was a collaboration with James De Pinho, who provided the opening loop. This trance track has driving energy and ties into the album's theme nicely with the repeating complex thin synth pattern. Taking a break from the upbeat energetic tracks, Hale Bopp brings pleading and plaintive melodies and a sense of emotion while maintaining the consistent sound and feel of the album.

Things go dark when Cucumbor begins with a sinister theme, offering no real melodic resolution or escape, but simply driving onward while getting darker and harsher with every passing section. Just when things are getting their darkest on the album - in comes Critter, a fun and playful track and an unabashed tip of the hat to old school NES games.

Turbo Cat really brings things back in line with a fun, catchy, bouncy bassline and beat. This track owes much to previous Dent material and Nintendo and is a personal favourite. Wharfing foam loafer is much in the same vein as Turbo Cat with a fun, catchy, bouncy bassline but has a very distinct identity all at the same time. Steel Drum like synths mix with distorted NES synths, drum n bass and dreamy harp like arpeggios. This improbable sounding combination turns into one of the album's highlights.

Gherkin brings the energy down but ups the drama, with many sweeping layers playing melodic hooks. Strings return in this track, offering much emotional depth and further setting this album apart. Mellow continues the dramatic theme while strongly acknowledging Revision. The album closes with the playful and fun Mouton Sur la Lune - a perfect send off for the video game theme of this album. This track is a total cheesefest, flaunting cliche basslines and melodies which have been so familiar and present throughout 8 and 16 bit video games.

Upgrade, while having many similarities to previous Dent material, is a very distinct and clear step forward into new ground while taking great care to not forget where it came from, why it is here and where it is going in the future. Upgrade is Dent material that is not to be missed.

I've been particularly inspired with writing new material lately and I've begun work on a new album. Work has progressed so quickly that I now have over 20 minutes of material written and I'm very pleased with the directions that have been taken. I have created a music video to accompany the first release of this new material. Comments and feedback are encouraged!

Dent - Cling Film

Today marks the release of Dent's seventh full length album, entitled Revision. You can get the full details on this new cd here.

Happy New Year. Work continues on Revision. Much of the focus has been on continuing a consistent theme for the new album and aiming for the best possible sound production. There has been a lot of tweaking going on and I'm letting the songs write themselves rather than forcing anything. I want this album to flow completely and feel very natural. Recently, I've written a couple of tracks that echo material from my first couple of albums, although this time the ideas are certainly better developed and realized. At this point in time, I will be removing many old demos from site as the new album is much closer to completion. I will add the new content once everything is finalized. There are currently 8 tracks that are either completely finished, or very close to completion. Many other ideas are in the works, and there will be more b-sides and unfinished ideas left over than actual finalized material. The album is approximately half an hour long at this point. I do not want to release any throwaway tracks or anything that I'm less than completely satisfied with, so it's definitely taking longer, but it'll be worth it. Acoustic Data has been inactive as of late, not for any particular reason other than life being overly hectic at times. Cheers.

05.25.06: I'm really taking my time with this new material. I've been doing much collaboration in a new project called Acoustic Data and the focus has been organic tracks, with live instrumentation. We have quite a few tracks in progress. As for new Dent material - Revision is coming.

08.25.04: Dent is alive and well. Production on a new cd has taken a very good step in the right direction with a few new tracks nearing completion. The addition of a new soundcard and a new keyboard into the Dent setup have made for especially musical and organic tracks. Stay tuned, the best is yet to come. For now, Dent remains quite busy.

04.22.03: I have been working on new material the past few days. Have a good week. :)

01.30.03: is moved to a new server. The mp3 section is now hosted directly on this site, and there will be no more hassles downloading music! Enjoy!

12.22.02: New Album Enigma is released. This collection of 11 new Dent tracks focuses largely on an experimental feel often taking influences from many different electronic genres and putting them in a blender. Check out the new mp3s and album info.

10.07.02: Distorted sounds are good. Munge is the latest foray into experimental music. While this track has drum n bass qualities, you can hardly call it drum n bass, or even really classify this track.

09.05.02: More old things rediscovered. Flaming Box of Ants. This track is a couple of a years old, and just recently redone in a somewhat more palatable format, but still keeps it's original title. This track was an experimentation in just how distorted you could make sounds and still distinguish the pitch.

07.24.02: Rediscovering old things. What could be more fun than remixing an old favourite Aphex Twin track? Check out "Yellow Calx (Dent mix)".

07.17.02: Work has started on a new track tentatively entitled "Eggs and Legs". The track features 80s drum machine beeps in a musical format. This track only further emphasizes the largely experimental approach to new Dent material. This one is a keeper!

07.08.02: A new track is born - "S'moerk". A fast paced whirlwind of old drum machine samples, synths and original ethnic drum loops combine, in a very musical, epic, yet experimental format. As for the name - staying up overnight does interesting things to you!

06.29.02: Say hello to the galactic hombre (particle mix). A soundscape turns into an odyssey with your headphones. Remixed by Particle. Perfect to relax to.

06.23.02: What's that you say? Paramedic poodle patrol? Yes, I'm feeling well, no worries. We'll see if this one turns out. Heavy guitar mixes with drum n bass.

05.27.02: The beginning of a new era of experimentalism. "Protocol" is a mess of ridiculously fast drums and vocal samples. Starts off frantic, works itself into a groove, then goes both faster, harder, and more soothing at the same time. It all makes sense in the end.

05.12.02: New track - "Scrabble". The idea of the game is to draw random letters out of a bag and make something coherent with it. Sounds like a good idea.

05.10.02: Lune is out, a dark album, predominantly featuring hard drum n bass. Estimated release date is August. Check the MP3 section for tracks.