Dent - Sounds of your mom

Sounds of your mom... don't let the track titles fool you, this CD is packed with 15 of Dent's first cuts that certainly might surprise you! Every track has a unique and original feel to it, while still maintaining an identifiable sound. From the straightforward trance of "Imp", the harsh/hardcore sounds of "Dinner is Ruined" and "Yield, Dirty Pigs!", to the melodic ambience of "Orbit Alone", this cd certainly has enough on it to keep the listener guessing what's next! CD has been professionally pressed and includes a little surprise inside! Released in December 1999.

1. Disposable Brain Haha 3:53
2. Imp 5:44
3. Technicolour Yawn 4:01
4. Castration Inflation 2:06
5. Phosphorous Blue 5:36
6. Garlak Bread 5:45
7. Hungry for Paint 7:07
8. Crazed Ferret 2:27
9. Yield, Dirty Pigs! 4:11
10. Tron 4:20
11. Dinner is Ruined 4:13
12. Cream of Gha 4:40
13. Stinky Bitch 6:30
14. Lost You 4:39
15. Orbit Alone 6:07