Dent - Chibabuata

Progressing largely from his first release, Chibabuata is Dent's Second Album. With a great variance in styles, it ranges from the Goa Trance of Brotata, the intense Ambient Drum n Bass of DX, to the Ambient/Soundtrack feel of Complacence. Originally planned as an EP for Imp remixes, this collection grew quickly and captured some of Dent's most creative and innovative work. Hard to classify any one track in one genre! Released May 2000.

1. Brotata 4:58
2. Dx 5:21
3. Complacence 5:11
4. Imp (Dream Rain mix) 3:54
5. Fences 7:18
6. Forever Gone 7:11
7. Jelly Rings 4:35
8. Fossils 3:56
9. Imp (Ambient mix) 3:06
10. Polycarbonate Disc 2:59

Total playing time 48:36